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on the forum, we are still in the process of organizing the database. If you want to get on the list of who's who, start a thread! Please include name, title, company, e-mail address, etc.Variety has received the following statement from Kathryn Bigelow: Regarding the Oscar presentation of “The Hurt Locker,” there is an unwritten rule about never awarding a directing and acting nomination for the same role in the same film. An exception is made for Tom Hooper’s “The King’s Speech,” which is based on a true story. I hope this opens the door to awarding two nominations for this very dramatic and courageous film. Zach Braff and Antonio Banderas are among the actors nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, respectively.Q: How to change the locale for a grails plugin from within a groovy script? I'm trying to update a plugin to use a custom locale, but I'm running into issues. I'm using grails 2.0.1 and the plugin is the mongodb plugin. I have created a LocalEnvironmentsPlugin.groovy: package geogig.plugins.LocalEnvironments import groovy.util.Locale class LocalEnvironmentsPlugin extends GrailsPlugin { public void registerResources(ResourcesPluginRegistrar registrar) { registrar.registerResources(this); registrar.addPlugin(GeogigPlugin.PLUGIN_ID); } void springInit(GrailsApp grailsApp) { grailsApp.getLocale() void configureBuild() { // Configure and compile the new locale for this plugin // from this plugin. } but it gives me this error: | Error Error running script /home/myuser/.grails/2.0.1/projects/myproject/plugin/plugins/geogig/groovy/LocalEnvironmentsPlugin.groovy: java.lang.NullPointerException Then I have created a LocalEnvironmentsPlugin.groovy.




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Edius 7 Serial Number List aleegil

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